Launch Report

October 24-25 was Stephanie’s and my assessment retreat with the Launch Network in Atlanta. It was an intense two days of interviews followed by a couple “let’s see what you’re made of” challenges. I enjoyed it, but we got home exhausted late that Friday night.

Last Friday, November 1, we had our conference call to get our rating. The call was with Mac Lake from the Launch Network and George, The Cove’s Executive Pastor. Mac read the outline of my report and then gave me their recommendation. Launch’s recommendation is that I am “not ready at this time” to plant a church. The description of that recommendation is: “These are individuals we sense are early in their calling to plant. Also we sense there are developmental things that need to be focused on before entering our training or moving forward with a church plant.”

In short, they believe I’m a gifted communicator, but I need some development in my leadership skills – most specifically team building. They sent me a several page report that outlined their observations and recommendations for me. All in all it was very positive.

So what’s next? I’m not sure. I’ll be on staff with The Cove at least through the end of 2013 and I’ll start working with George on next steps. Launch made some great suggestions on what they believe is a good fit for me. Some of the suggestions were long term, and some were ways to get ready for where I’ll be long term.

I would definitely love for you guys to pray for Stephanie and me as we continue to pursue where God is leading us. Launch gave us some great clarity on what our next step is not, and some suggestions on what they may be. I firmly believe God has His hand on us, and we’re looking forward to seeing where He takes us.


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