Can’t Touch This – Part 8

Holy Family: Mary, Joseph and child Jesus

Holy Family: Mary, Joseph and child Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jesus’ family thought He was crazy

Jesus had a biological mom, a human dad, and at least 6 brothers and sisters.[1] Many believe His human dad, Joseph, died before He started His ministry because he’s not mentioned after the birth accounts. However, whoever was still alive in Jesus’ family while He started His ministry did not believe He was God in the flesh. In fact, they thought He was crazy, including His own mother[2] who prompted Him to perform His first miracle.[3] Once, while speaking to a crowd, Jesus implied that His family did not listen to and follow God’s word.[4]

Two of Jesus’ brothers, James[5] and Jude,[6] went on to write scripture. James was one of the most influential leaders in the early church. He was probably the senior leader of the church in Jerusalem, which was the first and largest church in the known world for a long time.[7] James could have easily covered up or had those descriptions of him taken out of the Bible if he wanted, but he didn’t. There’s no evidence that he ever argued about having his earlier failures recorded, asked anyone not to write about them, or influence any writings that put him in a poor light at all. If the Bible was edited or changed after it was written, the instances of James thinking Jesus was crazy probably would not have been included.

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